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Interworld offers a full suite of Internet and Networking solutions backed by over ten years of experience. At InterWorld, we are dedicated to providing the individual, quality service needed to meet your networking needs. All of our Internet solutions benefit from our robust network with of over 100 Mbps of throughput and four distinct backbone connections as well as extensive regional peering arrangements.

Below is a list of services we provide. Consulting is available in each area. We are in the process of revamping our web site with updated pricing and products. In the meantime, send inquiries to or call 310-856-0550.

Internet Connectivity

  • DSL - We provide a variety of plans in both Verizon and PacBell service areas throughout Southern California.
  • T-1, DS-3 - InterWorld offers a full suite of business connectivity solutions including frame relay, point-to-point T-1 and DS-3 access.
  • Wireless - InterWorld now offers broadband wireless solutions. Go to the new wireless page for more info.
  • Dial-Up, ISDN - InterWorld continues to offer dial-up and ISDN service for customers outside of DSL coverage areas. Go to the support page to view our local access numbers.

Internet Solutions

  • Server Colocation - Full and partial racks in either of our two locations with the Information Sciences Institute (ISI) in their facilities in Marina Del Rey or the University of Southern California campus. Bandwidth is available in 250 Kbps increments. *
  • Web Hosting - Unix or NT shared hosting solutions.
  • DNS, Mail, USENET - InterWorld provides primary and secondary DNS along with mail support for multiple domains. InterWorld offers USENET support for all of its access customers and provides outsourced USENET services for other providers.

Network Integration

  • Security - InterWorld offers the entire line of NetScreen Firewall appliances, providing next generation firewall, VPN and traffic management solutions.
  • Interworld builds, supports and maintains LAN, WAN and telecom solutions for businesses, schools, universities and trade shows.
  • InterWorld builds and integrates both custom and off-the-shelf hardware and software solutions.

* After cancellation customer equipment but be picked up within 15 days. After 15 days the equipment will be moved to dry storage and will be charged at 1/30th of the monthly charge per day for rack space used.  Transportation charges will also apply. After 90 days the equipment will be considered abandoned and will belong Creative Wireless, Inc.

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